Jesus Was An Airborne Ranger

Jesus Was An Airborne Ranger

by John McDougall


I have to say this is not normally a book I would read, I chose to review it because my dear hubby seen it in a CBD magazine and was very interested in this book. Growing up the picture of Jesus that was portrayed to me was a very gentle and meek man that journeyed thru life to save us from our sins. This book takes a deeper look at Jesus Christ, it looks at the spiritual battle that is going on unseen by us. He was more than just a teacher, he was fighting a battle for us by choosing to come down to earth and take our sins on his shoulders. Jesus came down to do a global rescue mission to rescue the lost.

If you are searching for your purpose in life, check this book out it will make you take a second look at what you thought was a meek and mild faith.


A great big thank you to Blogging for Books for this book for free in exchange for a review.


Love heals three generations!!

The Greenfield Legacy by

Meredith Resce, Paula Vince, Amanda Deed, and Rose Dee

Four Women, One Story that spans three generations. After giving up her daughter for adoption Mattie struggles with herself and can’t seem to love another person again. Through the encouragement of her parents she married and had another daughter Connie. Not realizing how much not loving her second child would effect everyone she closed herself in and withheld any emotion. Years later Mattie receives a letter from her oldest daughter asking to meet. It isn’t till after they meet that things start thawing out in Mattie’s heart. Meeting her oldest daughter child and seeing how she has treated her youngest daughter and grandchild. Now there is struggles for her Granddaughter’s Navy and Brooke, each having to learn to forgive and trust someone else, maybe even finally find love.

Will each of these women learn the lesson that is right in front of them and heal the wounds in their hearts in time to find the love that is right in front of them.


I received this book for free for blogging in for a review.

A suspenseful pageturner!!!

Double Cross by Diann Mills

As an FBI agent Laurel Evertsons has done a lot of hard things in her career now her next investigation’s path is crossing the path of the criminal she put in prison. When key evidence in her investigation of a scam that targeted the elderly leads her to working with the one person she does not want to work with. The one case that has haunted her is now going to be the best way to catch the criminals targeting the elderly.

As a Houston Police Officer  Daniel Hilton fears for his grandparents lives and he will do whatever he needs to protect them. Willing to whatever he can to keep others safe he  chooses to go to the FBI and force interagency cooperation with them. Upon meeting Laurel he is drawn to her zeal to protect others from harm. When he is offered an undercover position protecting a former felon, he is not sure if he can trust this person.

As the trio work together to uncover the evidence and find who is behind the scam they find out things are more deadly than just stealing money. Finding themselves in the cross-hairs of a deadly killer, time is running short on finding out who was behind the scams. Will they be able to trust Wilmington claim to have found redemption, or are they being led down a deadly path of double cross.

Received this book for free for a review from Bookfun.

The Creole Princess

The Creole Princess (The Gulf Coast Chronicles) by Beth White

Lyse Lanier may be French thru her heritage, but her best friend is the daughter of the British commander of Mobile. Their time spent together has created a close bond between them, even though Daisy is in love with Lyse’s brother. One day when a very charming young Spanish merchant arrives at the docks and sweeps Lyse off her feet with his wit and flair.  The American Conflict moves closer to Mobile, it comes time for Lyse ‘s family to make a choice to choose to side with the British or the American side. She wonders who Rafael Gonzalez truly is, is he truly a merchant or is he a spy for the Revolution. Is he someone she can trust to protect her and her family from the danger to come as the conflict grows.

Beth White takes the reader deep into the world of a little known part of the American Revolutionary war. She writes with so much spectacular detail that you almost feel like that you are right there with the characters.

“Romancing your Better Half ” by Rick Johnson!!

“Romancing your Better Half” by Rick Johnson

If your looking for some kind of hope of keeping intimacy alive in your marriage, this book is for you. Keeping your romance alive is very much easier then we all think. Rick Johnson shares the secrets of pursuing romance with his wisdom and wit. By using very practical and insightful advice Rick Johnson helps us understand how to communicate more effectively with our spouse, understand each others needs, while taking our everyday lives and incorporating romance into it. By just taking this solid advice and putting it to use in our marriage’s we will be able to strengthen our marriage.

This book is very much a must for all marriages no matter how long you have been married, it provided so much insight into things it is very much a blessing.

Many thanks to Revell Reads for providing this book for review.

A Love Story!!

The Song by Chris Fabry

A very beautifully written love story based off of the books Song of Solomons and Ecclesiastes. Jed King, son of the  famous singer/songwriter David King longs to follow in his father’s footsteps. Struggling to  get his career started he takes a singing gig at a family vineyard festival. It is there he meets the delightful Rose Shepard, daughter of the vineyard owner. He falls in deeply in love with Rose, and she falls in love with him. They decided to marry on the vineyard in a small chapel built by Jed himself. It is on their honeymoon that The Song is born out of their deep love for each other.

The Song becomes the hit single for Jed and makes him the newest heartthrob singer. As his singing career takes off he balances his career and marriage. Time passes them and finds Jed spending more time away from home. When he does come home it seems like he is more of a distraction for his family than a husband and father.

Along comes a new singing partner Shelby Bale, a total opposite of his type of music; she adds a different kind of flair to everything. It seems Jed can resist the temptation that has been placed before him, but in a weak moment he falls for the un-forbidden.  When his wife finds out about his indiscretions, she choses to walk away from their life together.

Will Jed be able to find his way back to his first love, Rose; while finding himself and healing for his marriage.

Many Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for providing a complimentary copy of The Song.


Forever with you “Christy and Todd the Married Years.”

Forever with You “Christy and Todd The Married Years” by Robin Jones Gunn.

Forever with you continues the love story of Christy and Todd who we first met in the Christy Miller series. We have followed along with Christy as she went from being a young teenager to an young lady. With this new series we now get to follow along with and see the struggles and trials as a married couple. This book opens almost two years after they was married and they are facing some challenges they never thought they would face. Everything seemed to be going normal than things start to unravel as their plans for the future seem to be shattered. Changes are being faced with decisions needing to be made, can Christy and Todd come through all this with a deeper love for each other and our Lord above.

Thanks for allowing me to read this book, in exchange for an honest review.