Grace truly Sings!!!Ire

When Grace Sings by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The second installment to The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy continues to follow Alexa Joy and her cousin  Anna Grace as each of their lives are moving forward. Anna Grace is preparing to marry the love of her life and move into the farmhouse that  her fiance’s grandfather had left to them. Alexa Joy has finally opened her bed and breakfast at her grandmothers home. Her first long term boarder is Briley  Forrester, a news reporter looking for a scoop for his next byline. Alexa is still struggling with feeling like she belongs in the Zimmerman family and being accepted by the Old Order Mennonite community. She places her hopes that her culinary and hospitality skills will open a door for her in the community. When Anna Grace decides to come and stay, Alexa decides to host her at the bed and breakfast. Still struggling with her insecurities, having the presence of her mother’s biological daughter puts Alexa more on edge. It causes her to open up to Briley who is searching for the dirt to write a news story about. Will Briley see the light before hurting the innocent? Will Alexa be able to accept that she is loved by her family no matter of her birth details?

This book leaves you wanting to know what happens next in the Zimmerman family story.

I received this book for free for a review by Blogging for Books.


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