Slaying the Debt Dragon by Cherie Lowe!!

“Slaying the Debt Dragon” by Cherie Lowe

Are you drowning in a mountain of bills, struggling with financial issues, then this is the book for you. We are not alone in this battle, there is a way out.

After taking a deeper look at their debt of over 120,00.00; Cherie Lowe was in shock and over whelmed by it. Cherie and her family did not go out and just spend the money on expansive items, it was regular everyday things that raked up the debt.

Thinking it would take forever to pay all of their debt off, but by placing their trust in God and lots of hard work they paid it off in a shorter time than expected.

Cherie shows us how they fought back and was able win the battle with debt in her book. She was able to not just pay it off, but also strengthed her marriage and her family in the long run. She arms us with the tools needed to fight our own debt dragon.

This book is must read for all out there struggling!!!

Thank you to Tyndale for providing this book for an honest review!!!


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