A Love Story!!

The Song by Chris Fabry

A very beautifully written love story based off of the books Song of Solomons and Ecclesiastes. Jed King, son of the  famous singer/songwriter David King longs to follow in his father’s footsteps. Struggling to  get his career started he takes a singing gig at a family vineyard festival. It is there he meets the delightful Rose Shepard, daughter of the vineyard owner. He falls in deeply in love with Rose, and she falls in love with him. They decided to marry on the vineyard in a small chapel built by Jed himself. It is on their honeymoon that The Song is born out of their deep love for each other.

The Song becomes the hit single for Jed and makes him the newest heartthrob singer. As his singing career takes off he balances his career and marriage. Time passes them and finds Jed spending more time away from home. When he does come home it seems like he is more of a distraction for his family than a husband and father.

Along comes a new singing partner Shelby Bale, a total opposite of his type of music; she adds a different kind of flair to everything. It seems Jed can resist the temptation that has been placed before him, but in a weak moment he falls for the un-forbidden.  When his wife finds out about his indiscretions, she choses to walk away from their life together.

Will Jed be able to find his way back to his first love, Rose; while finding himself and healing for his marriage.

Many Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for providing a complimentary copy of The Song.



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