“Annoying” Neighbor!!!!!!!

I  have a very “annoying” neighbour named “M”,  she is not what you would call loud and crazy. “M” is just amazing, fun, loveable all rolled up into one annoying ball of energy. My neighbour more than annoys me, she motivates me to do things I would not normally do on my own. One of those things is getting me to exercise and to eat more healthy foods.

When we first met, I never thought we would end up being more than neighbours. First of all she is very much younger than me and has very much a different outlook on life. It started with us sharing a washer so we could get our laundry done, then she bugged me to get out of the house to go for a walk. As time has went by we go grocery shopping together and even have a girl’s day out.

It has been over two years since “M” and her family moved in beside us. As time passed we have gotten to know each other;  we have become friends and I think of  her like a younger sister. She will always be an “annoying” neighbour, but she is also a neighbour who truly cares about the people around her.

We truly need more neighbours like “M”, who reach out and motivate others struggling thru life.


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