Longing for a child!!

There is days it seems like yesterday, my dear sweet nieces and I was laughing and giggling as we took pictures of ourselves dressed up with pigtails enjoying being young. The years have flown by and these young girls are no longer kids, but young adults making sweet memories of their own. Just a few days ago my dear hubby and I got the news that we are going to be a great uncle and aunt for the second time around. One of those dear sweet little girls is now going to have a little girl of her own.

It is very much with bittersweet happiness for both of us, being that my dear hubby and I have been married for over 6 years with no hope of having a child of our own. There is days I am so happy to have another great niece and other days that I struggle with even seeing another Facebook post of a friend expecting a little one.

My heart breaks with the longing to be able to hold a little one of my own in my arms. I just have to keep reminding myself, each day that the sadness hits that I am not alone. In the Bible there are several women who struggled with this problem of being barren. Each of them chose to stay strong and hold on to the hope that their prayers would be answered. An awesome example for all us holding on to the one above who loves us with all His Heart and who knows our deepest longings.

I never know if my deepest longings of my heart’s prayers will be answered with a child from my womb or even fostered or adopted. What I do know is The Lord above has given me a gift of being able to love the children around me for who they are. I will continue to shower love on the little ones in my life.


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