Forever with you “Christy and Todd the Married Years.”

Forever with You “Christy and Todd The Married Years” by Robin Jones Gunn.

Forever with you continues the love story of Christy and Todd who we first met in the Christy Miller series. We have followed along with Christy as she went from being a young teenager to an young lady. With this new series we now get to follow along with and see the struggles and trials as a married couple. This book opens almost two years after they was married and they are facing some challenges they never thought they would face. Everything seemed to be going normal than things start to unravel as their plans for the future seem to be shattered. Changes are being faced with decisions needing to be made, can Christy and Todd come through all this with a deeper love for each other and our Lord above.

Thanks for allowing me to read this book, in exchange for an honest review.


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