Amazing Women that are truly a blessing!!!

I have been very much blessed to have some very wonderful and amazing women in my life. Women who have faced so many different struggles in their lives, while still caring so much for others. Miscarriages, loss of jobs, cancer, illnesses, loss of a spouse, infertility, loss of a child, affairs, broken vows, having to move to the middle of nowhere and not knowing anybody. All of them have something in common they are all not afraid to admit that they are not perfect: each of them have had moments where they have gotten angry, upset, sad and even at times depressed with life. Yet they have clung strong to the hand of our heavenly father, even at times having to scream “why”

We all have struggles in our busy lives, it is not easy to be a wife, mom, daughter, chauffeur, caregiver, coach, mentor, coworker and friend. But these very amazing women have done all this and kept on plodding thru life. The one thing they did different is took time out to share their struggles with other women who are struggling. These are the amazing women who are truly a blessing from above, I want to applaud them for just taking time out of their busy lives to share their struggles and encourage others.

I want to encourage all the Godly women out there to do the same thing that these women have done for me. Take a moment to stop and share your struggles with another women, you never know who you may bless today.


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