A $6.17 Ice Cream Blessing!!!

Last week I had to run some errands after I got off work; when I realized I needed to get something quick to bring my blood sugar up. So I decided to go to the local gas station that was now offering soft serve yogurt ice cream. At the time it seemed like a very good choice over a candy bar, until I went up to pay for my quick treat.

The cashier rang my ice cream for me and said “$6.17 please”. At first I thought the price was wrong, as I stood there in shock. I heard a voice behind me say “What do you think of the price of the ice cream?” All I could do was nod dumbfoundly and just take my expansive ice cream out the door.

After I filled my truck up with gas, I headed down the road with my fast melting ice cream dripping all over my work pants. My thoughts was this was not worth the price I paid for it.

Upon arrival at home I changed my pants and preceded to try to treat the ice cream stain, when I realized I had a bigger problem than an ice cream stain. A very nice rip in the seam of the seat of my work pants.

A very expansive ice cream treat turned very much into a blessing in disguise, revealing something more important that needed my attention.

There are times we need to stop and see the small blessing in our lives, like a $6.17 ice cream stain.


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