Waiting for answers!!

Everywhere we go we have to wait, the dr’s office the pharmacy, even when we go shopping. But as we are waiting we begin to be impatient to get what we need or want right away. Like fast food, high speed internet, atms, speedy checkout at the stores are all catering to getting us thru the lines faster. Sometimes in our busy lives we expect the same thing from our prayers, we expect our Heavenly Father to give us an answer right away. Sometimes the answer comes swiftly and other time it comes months to years later. At times the answer comes and it is not the one we are looking for.

Sometimes the waiting is for a very good reason, such as making sure that there is not a mistake made in your prescription or even a misdiagnosis by the dr at the ER. God has a reason for waiting before giving us an answer to our fervent prayers to heaven. He has not forgotten any of his children, He sees all of our pain and sorrow. Like the song Blessings by Laura Story says; Sometimes blessings come thru rain drops, healings come thru tears and trials of life are mercies in disguise.

Keep on praying, hang on to the Father’s hand; even when you are in the lowest place in life. We may be in the valley right now trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel; but we are not walking alone.

A Lady in Waiting


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