Talking about your husband!!

The other day I was telling a coworker about a my dear hubby and his habit of silently sneaking up and scaring the living daylights out of me. My coworker said to me “You love your husband alot, dont ya”. It took me a minute to process what he said and it dawned on me that I was praising my husband in  a good way. Now I am not saying my dear hubby is the perfect man and that we have the perfect marriage,we are both far from ever being close to that.

So my question to all of the wives out there is how do you talk about your husband when you are out and about. Do you bring him down with all the negative things or do you say about the positive issues in your husband. From day one I was blessed to have been mentored by a dear friend, who taught me to praise my husband when I with others. It has not been easy and at times I find myself wanting to just say things that are very harmful to our marriage. At times I have to take a step back and look at the situation; before opening my mouth to speak.

By looking at the positive stuff in our husband’s and our marriages, like the small things (such as just making sure the vehicle is running properly or cooking supper on a busy night) we can praise him for what he does for us. Next time you are out and about talking to friends, take a moment to not drag your husband thru the mud, but just say something small he does and praise him. It is the small things that make the changes in our lives, more than big things.


Elizabeth, A Lady in Waiting


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